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StarLink GameBot Resurrection?

January 7, 2004:
Jeff Green, admin of CricInfo.LO.UK.Starlink.Org has donated space and bandwidth to resurrect the gamebots on StarLink. We've initially compiled and played around with ChaosBot and it's looking pretty good. We're just in the process of automating everything again and cleaning out the categories list as we have lots of very outdated stuff. We'll probably be kicking off the return of ChaosBot with a Chaos Tournament.

Stay tuned for more information!

DALnet GameBots Resurrection?

April 16th, 2003:
Someone has come forward to offer a home for the DALnet game bots. We're in the process of working out the details right now. Probably the first gamebot to be resurrected will be ChaosBot, who can no longer live on #chaos on DALnet. If you ideas for a good new channel name, let's hear them!

Before we can resurrect the ChaosBot, it probably would be a good idea to look at the current category list and make suggestions as to which ones to remove, as the category set is now quite old, not having being updated since some time in 2001.

More updates to follow as we know more.




The Games

Just the FAQs: Risky Business (#RiskyBus)   Full FAQ: Risky Business

Just the FAQs: Boggle (#Boggle)   Full FAQ: Boggle

Just the FAQs: Chaos (#Chaos)   Full FAQ: Chaos

Just the FAQs: Acrophobia (#Acro)   Full FAQ: Acrophobia

Just the FAQs: MadLib (#madlib)   Full FAQ: MadLib

Bosh is coming soon!



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