MadLib Contest

We're desperately in need of an original graphic to be used on MadLib pages. The man to the left there just doesn't have a clue! If you think you're a hot graphics designer or you can put together something nice, we welcome your submissions! Here are the rules:

  • All entries become property of Michelle A. Hoyle to be used as she likes. You retain copyright on the design.
  • Your graphic should be no more than 400 x 400 pixels
  • Submit your graphic as either a JPEG (.jpg) or a .GIF file. If you're worried about not being able to optimize the graphics properly for the web, you can also submit PhotoShop 5.x or Adobe Illustrator 7.x files.
  • Contest closes December 15th.
  • Graphic must incorporate either only original artwork or artwork that is in the public domain or suitable for exposure on a public web site.

We don't currently have a prize. I'm open to suggestions or donations of prizes. Please send me an e-mail ( or post a message on the message board somewhere if you have an idea or a donation.

Submit here!

This form is coming! Stay tuned!

Michelle A. Hoyle
MadLib Contest Information, updated: October 12, 2000

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