Micha Tales

Micha Tales Sit back and strap yourself in tight! You are about to embark on a journey into the past where a life is told with uncanny accuracy. While it's true the stories recounted are quite extraordinary, rest assured that all you see and hear is a true manifestation of ...
Michelle's Life.


 * Stephen Dodd, Part IV

Another trio of tales from Stephen Dodd, discussing the well-known Chaos Particulate Theory of the Ein.

 * Bob Volkmer, Part III.

Rev's humourous explanation of the origins of Galaxynet, strongly implicating the goddess of Chaos Eingang (AKA Micha).

 * Stephen Dodd, Part II.

A side-splitting trio of short tales of Stephen's adventures with Michelle.

 * Stephen Dodd, Part I.

Inaugural Micha Tale, in which Stephen goes back into the past.


Michelle A. Hoyle
Micha Tales, Updated September 16, 1999