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 * S & M Files, Part XVI: August 11, 2004

In which Stephen recounts the tale of two temperatures: hot and cold (part 1).

 * S & M Files, Part XV: November 11, 2002

In which Stephen battles with Life's Luggage on another journey back from Canada to the UK.

 * S & M Files, Part XIV: August 18th, 2001

In which Stephen explains the etymology of our airline's name, and we journey back to the UK from Canada.

 * S & M Files, Part XIII: April 19, 2001

In which Stephen regales us with S & M sampling Italian bathrooms and we lambast British Telecom.

 * S & M Files, Part XII : August 30th, 2000

In which M & M visit S & M in England and take a sidetrip to Scotland where a spooky time is had by all.

 * S & M Files, Part XI: August 1st, 2000

In which, advertising provides proof that life is strange -- at least in England

 * S & M Files, Part X: July 15th, 2000

A track too far. Stephen's adventures via rail and Tube.

 * S & M Files, Part IX: February 29th, 2000

Come explore Brighton's fantastic bare beaches! A special report by our foreign beach correspondent Michelle.

 * S & M Files, Part VIII: January 19, 2000

Video may have killed the radio star in America but the BBC is alive and kicking here in England. Follow along with Stephen's recounting of S&M's mite-y adventures!

 * S & M Files, Part VII: December 30, 1999

Ein's such an embarrassment; she has a dirty laugh. Ads, movies, and more mayhem from Stephen's pen.

 * S & M Files, Part VI: December 23, 1999

Extreme sports, weather, and conspiracies. The Brits are out to get Stephen or so he says!

 * S & M Files, Part V: December 12, 1999

How fast does food go bad and our wonderful new home, as told by Stephen.

 * S & M Files, Part IV: December 6, 1999

Local food, the gay neighbourhoods of Brighton, and real estate. A Stephen special.

 * S & M Files, Part III: December 12, 1999

Michelle's first comments about appropriate housing and the need to find it.

 * S & M Files, Part II: November 27, 1999

Adventures across the sea, as related by (a somewhat jaded?) Stephen.

 * S & M Files, Part I: November 24, 1999

Stephen and Michelle end up in a foreign land. See how the world in England initially appears through Stephen's eyes.


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