Letter from Eingang, November 1999

Miscellaneous Ramblings & News

Chatter and I are now officially landed in England. Chatter only seemed to remember that we were moving about two weeks prior to departure. Then, of course, there were a million and one things to be down at the last minute. In the end, though, we managed to get all our stuff boxed up and set for container shipping and pack up the stuff that was to accompany us. We took 3 3-cubic-foot boxes and a large duffel bag, 2 laptop bags, and two other bags on the plane with us. (You never know just what you're going to need on an eight-hour flight. :-P) We're expecting the rest of our belongings to arrive by ship in London at the beginning of January (we had them hold it in Edmonton for an extra month before shipping it). Find out more about our experiences by checking out the S & M Files at www.eingang.org.

StarLink's Denver server, home to the StarLink game bots, was done again last month. As is often the case with that particular machine, I have no idea about the whys and wherefores. It just seems to come with the territory. However, as I write this, all the bots there are back up and running, awaiting your pleasures.

The Java browser-based version of Risky Business that I've been developing with a Java programmer for use on a history web site for children in Alberta is almost done. We're almost ready to begin extensive testing of the whole system. If you're interested in helping out during the testing phase, please drop a line to test@eingang.org.

More new e-mail addresses:

For those of you who missed the initial announcement, games.eingang.org is now host to a few new features:

  1. Interactive discussion forum: Use this to make suggestions, report problems, or just to informally exchange messages and ideas with other players. It's your forum for the things that are important to you about the games. Helping me moderate it are Gigi, Bronxx, and Eggs_Zachtly. Stop by any time.

  2. Game Bot Status Board: This area of the discussion forum reflects the current activity status of the various game bots for EinGames. Any data we have on downed or missing bots/servers is posted here and updated as soon as we know something new.

Eggs_Zachtly has started a new channel on DALnet for EinGame Channel Operators. To get access to this channel, you'll need (initially) to be a channel operator on any of Eingang's game channels on any network, and message Eggs_zachtly or send him e-mail eggs_zachtly@eingang.org so he can add you to the permitted list.

Last month's rumour of 50 new categories by the middle of November proved to be quite optimistic. 25 new categories, however, were completed and will be uploaded to the various networks shortly. Expect to see a posted list of the new categories on games.eingang.org. The total number of new questions is around 1000! Have fun!

Your Game Administrators & Channel Ops

Last month I promised that we'd start off with a bio of Bronxx. Here then is a modern fish tale:

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a rather small and insignificant planet. Now, you must understand that, of course, to the biased observers of this planet, it was not insignificant at all. Indeed, it was the observers' favourite planet in the whole universe. This small green and blue planet burgeoned with life and vitality, providing energy and comfort not only to the observers but to the many varied inhabitants of the planet. This beautiful planet was known as Fnool Ribbit Prime.

Fnool Ribbit Prime was home to two sentient species who had, over the long millenia, learned to peacefully co-exist. The first of these, the Regenbogenfnoolfisch, were masters of the sky. The Ribbits were masters of the oceans. What of the land, the mountains, the rivers, and streams, you ask? Well, Fnool Ribbit Prime was a very unusual world in that it only possessed sea and sky. The sky, where the Regenbogenfnoolfisch dwelt, was a lovely aquamarine in colour, appearing very striking indeed when seen atop the turquoise seas of the Ribbits.

Floating happily in the skies of Fnool Ribbit Prime was a young Regenbogenfnoolfisch named Robert. RegenbogenRobertfnoolfisch, like other young Fnoolfisch, enjoyed cavorting about the sky and engaging in aerial acrobatics with other Fnoolfisch. Their life was one virtually free of cares and worries. Their beautiful sky supplied almost everything they could ever hope to need: light, moisture, wind ... space to breathe, space to be!

Even with all of this, RegenbogenRobertfnoolfisch felt that something was lacking. I mean, it was all well and wonderful to wander about the skies all day making Fnool sounds, but what was the real purpose of his life? Somehow there must be more to life than just acrobatics and revels. To discover his purpose, RegenbogenRobertfnoolfisch set out upon a grand journey, accompanied only by his faithful twin brotherfisch. Together they set off, swimming through the magnificent skies of Fnool Ribbit Prime with a set goal in mind for the first time in their young lives.

To be continued...


A-ha! The missing wedding videos have again been found. Someone's working on converting them to QuickTime for everyone's enjoyment. The grapevine doesn't have a date on that yet.

I've heard rumours that work is afoot to automate the updating of the Game Bot Status board. Rumoured theory is that a little program would check each of the bots on each of the networks on an hourly basis. If they're down, it will update the Game Bot Status Board with an unhappy face and notify one of the game administrators via e-mail to check on them. This is all just a rumour, though...

Bronxx works too hard, or so the rumour mill is saying. Don't forget to fnool around a little, Fisch!

Until next month, I remain...


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Michelle A. Hoyle
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