The Annals of Michadom

Michelle's Mind Prepare yourself for a journey into a dimension complete with sight and sound, a dimension where a life is told with uncanny accuracy. While it's true the life explained herein is mysterious and seemingly unbelievable, rest assured that all you see and hear is a true manifestation of ... Michelle's Mind.


Fasten your seatbelts securely and ready yourself to plunge ahead into the world of "The Annals of Michadom."

 * Annals, Part VI. August 9th, 1996

Michelle finds a sister (or a sister finds her), acquires some new friends, visits Prague, reveals some information about universities and publications, and introduces a new segment on living in Switzerland.

 * Annals, Part V. March 28th, 1996

Michelle finds a new apartment, goes on a trip to Italy, attempts to do laundry, and talks about her problems with the University of Zürich.

 * Annals, Part III. December 27th, 1995

In which Michelle rambles a bit about winter and fondly remembers snowy scenes from her childhood, offers unsolicited advice to other women, comments on postal fiascos, and idly wonders about the meaning of Christmas Eve as a time designation.

 * Annals, Part II.

In which Michelle talks about Zürich, mountains, work permits, and so much more...

 * Annals, Part I

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Michelle A. Hoyle
Annals of Michadom, Last Updated: April 10, 2007